How much does SEO cost in Melbourne?

You wouldn’t pick a call and ask any random agency, how much does SEO cost in Melbourne?

Because agency or your SEO guys doesn’t know about the website or what’s are the target audiences. What’s your expectation from search engine optimization? As well, he won’t have any clue about what problems website is facing whilst ranking on the google search engine.

He probably asks your website URL or brand name to perform research before telling you the price. After the assessment, he will tell you the prices required for making your business rank on google first page.

We often get people to call us to say “how much does SEO cost in Melbourne to rank google on Google 1st Page”? No one tells anything if they didn’t take a look at your website thoroughly.

Look underneath the bonnet and analyze to find out why your website is not ranking on google? What do we need to make the efforts to make it rank on google first page?

That’s where Citiyano De SEO services have a unique approach in our industry. We start with packages which suit your business. Will tell clients on the basis of Audit that how much time it will take to give results?

Does small business afford Quality Search Engine Optimization?

Yes, definitely!!

That includes the money you spend on daily on your dining, hangouts or the pet foods.

Below are the packages you will get whilst you search for the suitable packages for your business.

Cheap Prices ($99 to $299)

If you are looking for SEO cost in Melbourne you will search on Google, Facebook and freelancing websites. You will get a hunch where some freelancers and agency give you SEO services between $99 to $299.

And where you search on Google you will get agencies who offer the services more than what you got on these platforms.

That’s not surprising when you got the services on this range but as the price is low how could you expect any agency or freelancer to make your website on google 1st page. There will be many processes in SEO to make it work like. Technical SEO Audit, Keyword Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Content Strategy, Link Building, Target Analysis, On-Page SEO, Off-page SEO etc.

Competitive Prices ($500 to $2500)

In this amount, you can get a quality SEO service. But don’t set the high expectation and result sooner as SEO takes time to maintain its position than that of paid advertisements. This budget also termed as Start-up Budget which is good for small and Mid- Size Businesses.

You will find the number of agencies offering the services in this price range which made you difficult to get the right agency for your business requirement. So, this is a little bit confusing but you’ll get easily choose the appropriate agency by the trust they build so fast and the credibility made by them.

Any reputed agency will give your proper analysis and SEO strategy which suits your business requirement.

Like we, Citiyano De delivers great value for our prices. Which includes the executions like Market Research, SEO audit, Strategy Development, Keyword Research, On-page Optimization and Off-page Optimization, Content Development and Analytics & reporting. Citiyano De delivers SEO services in Melbourne, Australia and London, United Kingdom.

Advance Packages ($2500 to $5000)

Business targets on large scale like a country or state will choose this kind of packages because this will include brand building, SEO, SMO and ORM management.

Premium Packages (5000+)

This kind of package will offered to the business who have a global presence, and they want to retain their position and trust build by them while providing the services. They always wanted to stay ahead from their competitor, and they will spend any amount to retain their inline presence.

How your SEO agency will help you to grow organically?

Generally, people just know a few things about SEO, and they were confused about what they will get from the SEO? Before going for the search of your SEO agency in Melbourne you need to ask a few questions from yourself that is what’s your SEO agency process and what you want to achieve from SEO?

And of course, a good agency will resolve your queries and help you out will your confusion related to SEO. You will ask a few questions from your SEO agency to clarify your doubts?

Guarantee the Number one position on Google?

If your agency says yes, Just walk away as no agency will give you the guarantee to make your website rank 1st on the Google or any search engine. More importantly, you need to understand how they will go to make this happen because if you don’t it will harm your SEO rankings in the Future.

How will we work together?

You need to understand SEO is a team effort and be part of the SEO process as you understand your business better than anyone, they might be good into technology and SEO but you know to who to target what is the cost of your offerings to the customers etc. You also need to understand the services they are going to provide for you. Are they just going to audit your current SEO and tell you how you are performing or tell you what’s wrong?

Are they going to audit your backlinks and advice you about what the problem is? At the end of the day, you will get a report and leave on you to go forward and do the work, or they are the going to executive and resolve the issues you are facing.

Link Building Techniques

Next question you will throw about what is link building techniques and how they will achieve this? If they will say to buy links, then just say no to them as buying links is not going to help you much to build your SEO rankings. Because might be in future google will find the purchased links and penalize you which definetly affect your SEO ranking.

How to measure the SEO happening on your website?

This will be the most important question, as you want to know how will you measure the changes happening to the website and how you can differentiate the previous status and how you rank after the certain period of time?

Whether the company is using any tool like SEMrush, Ahref, Hubspot, Ubersuggest etc. so that you can track your progress? Or they will generate a report on Excel where you can the important ranking factors differentiating from the previous status?

Google Algorithm Updates

Google made some changes you probably heard about those changes. If you are interested in organic SEO like Google Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates. These are all made changes to the web index that google maintains these major shifts in how websites rank on google.

These means your SEO agency really need to know what these algorithms are and what they mean and how they were going to apply on your website or on SEO ongoing process?

How Much Does SEO Cost in Melbourne?

Now the most important question you need to ask from your agency how much it will be going to cost me? How may I pay for this? Do I pay a certain amount per month which give me a certain amount of hours per month? Am I paying for a particular set of results? Or am I paying to get a certain kind of reports? Or I am paying in the retainer model on the project basis? SO be clear about how much it gonna cost you and how many results you are going to get on that payment.

The most important thing you need to focus on while searching for your best SEO agency, whether it’s small of big if they have the clients they don’t have time to focus on their own website rankings and SEO quality. They Don’t even rank on google for the services they are giving to customers as they don’t need that thing for themselves you will see their website with fewer case studies and fewer reviews and that doesn’t matter to them.

They actually concentrating all their energies to the projects they are paid for.

Mistakes while searching for Best SEO Agency for your Business

Beliving of Ranking Keywords to get the best: This is tricky and confusing and people made lots of mistakes. Generally, people search for Best SEO agency in Melbourne or Best SEO agency in Australia or Best SEO agency in Victoria etc. But they Will get results like,, but that’s not a great filter to choose what is best.

Keywords Based Domains: Here’s, the different story of these keywords they get the traffics on certain keywords and then they will sell these domains to some agencies who are looking for customers for the most searched keywords. They will list these keywords and sell them on a certain price to the agencies.

No Secret in Search Engine Optimization that you cannot understand: You will get some agencies that tell they we will do this and we will do that but actually there is no secret magic in SEO that will be done by an agency to rank you up. SEO is a very open field and it well understood, So never accept that answer from your agency.

Do homework on your goals before approaching any SEO agency: First of all, you need to work on your goals will your team on what you wanted to achieve from SEO, and most importantly why you need it for your business or website? Ask them why we want to rank organically? how do you know the positive or negative results from SEO?

With these tips, it will help you to get over the question about how much does SEO cost in Melbourne. what are the ways in which you can find a suitable agency for your business?