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It’s quite impressive how easily we can now share our pictures and videos with our mates. I still remember our slow internet days, but today we get pissed off if a picture takes more than two seconds to load. You want your pictures which you post on your stories to look engaging, so you need to get involved in graphic designing. It helps you in creating perfect picture stories for your Instagram profile.

Instagram stays to transform the social media sphere with its videos and photo sharing abilities. But the introduction of Instagram stories is the platform’s most viewed and addressed talk. If you are an influencer or a business, you are advised to hire a  graphic designing company to create influencing and captivating stories for your feed.

You can keep your followers updated about all your activities through Instagram stories. You can make and post Instagram videos and photos in vertical form, which will disappear after 24hours. You even can check the impressions on your Instagram stories and save it as your IG story highlights.

We noticed almost all the brands and business are using Instagram stories to create brand awareness but the main question arises, “how do I create the best story dimension?” Our graphic designing team is furnished with the talent of creating perfect dimension Instagram stories for your brand. We’ve done deep research and examined the art of the Instagram story.

Learn about Instagram story dimensions

Dimensions of the Instagram story are 1080px by 1920px. If we calculate it in ratio then it’s 9:16. So you need to create your IG video or image with the width of 1080 pixels and the height of 1920 pixels.

Instagram is strict towards the stories size. If you are posting any photo or video which is not matching Instagram needs then it will zoom out the story or else crop it. It will result in the loss of image quality and miss out of important visuals from the stories.


Ideas to create attractive Instagram stories

If you simply want to upload a video or photo on your story, create them keeping your camera vertical.

If you’re searching for creating professional Instagram stories with clear visuals and nice text then you are recommended to use story creating applications which are available on play store. Those applications will help you to create engaging Instagram stories. The applications come with many templates which you can use to customize your brand’s demands.

Some IG stories ideas

Instagram stories are most viewed because of their versatility. You can take the benefit of IG stories by promoting your brand, selling your products and can also keep your followers updated with your daily activities.

Call-to-Actions by adding the link in an IG story

Many times, people ask,” how can they add a link to their Instagram story?”. You can add a link after reaching 10 thousand followers on your business IG account. This way you create a swipe up option on your IG story which is beneficial to move your IG traffic on your products page or blog posts.

If you are not having a business profile, you can ask your followers to click on the link provided in bio.

Updating your followers with daily activities

As a brand, you can share the glimpse of your upcoming products on your Instagram stories and keep them updated through it. You can create teasers on Instagram stories to build the excitement of the new product launch. Keep your followers updated to capture the corner in their mind.

Story Polls

Instagram has added polling icon in their story, you can create a poll and people will participate by clicking on one of the two boxes.

This is a game-changer…

If you want to make market research for free, the poll will give insights of the research and helps you to get the right answer.

Publicizing Positive Press and User Generated Content

If you are planning to keep or follow a certain design or style for your Instagram stories then reposting your viewers and customers pictures is not a good idea. This is because you are not aware of how your customers produce these pictures or videos, but recommendations are always the best source of content.

Instagram stories are the best source of marketing yourself by sharing your customer’s reviews about your products without ruining the feed.

If your brand finds any press, then you can screenshot it and post it on your Instagram stories. Many big brands find out influencers or stars wearing their products and they showcase them on their stories.

Mistakes to avoid when creating Instagram Story

You might be thinking that Instagram stories look easy to create and you can create them easily.

It’s easy! But, before starting let’s discuss the mistakes, you should be aware of before creating stories.

Redundant & Long Stories

Instagram stories are restricted with a limited time of 15 per story. But, the best part is you can post as many stories as you want. The main goal is to stop the swipe away, to minimize the swipe away you are recommended to keep the stories short and attractive with better graphic designing.

Excessive Text

Your stories are restricted to 15 seconds, you need to keep your text short, sub-heading has enough time to get read, but you can’t read a paragraph on the IG stories.

Some people want to see the wall of text on their stories, so be short with your words and make sure that your content is attractive to keep the hold of viewers on the stories.

Irrelevant hashtags

Hashtags are the best feature added on your Instagram stories to get viewers from across the world. You should avoid the use of too many hashtags and also irrelevant hashtags.

Add story related hashtags, use the hashtags which are connected with the story and make sense.

Best IG story example from brands

Ok, we are done with a lot of Instagram story creation tactics now you need to learn the real thing, get inspiration from the brands who already are creating attractive and influencing IG stories.

1. HubSpot

Hubspot is a great example of creating the engagement between the brand and user with the help of creative Instagram stories. If you’re finding the ways to build your IG engagement, then create attractive nd interesting unique stories design and layout.

2. Puma Women

Puma takes the help of influencer marketing to create amazing Instagram stories for your brand. Instagram stories are ranging the influencer marketing which more brands are focusing on. Puma gives their products to the influencers and asks influencers to review them. This market is catching more eyes than any other event. The brands add polls in their stories to get an idea from consumers perspectives.

3. Mercedes Benz

How about the sneak peek of a car show? Creator gets high-quality level The Mercedes Benz span had done a fabulous job by giving us behind the scenes view in their car exhibit at Los Angeles Convention Center. The car high-quality pictures on Instagram stories attracted the audience created a way for Mercedes Benz to showcase their more models on Instagram stories.

Final Thoughts

You should stop posting on Instagram feed instead start posting more stories? No!

The Instagram story is the best way to attract your audience; it keeps your audience updated about your day to day activities. Create unique stories with the help of different design-centric ideas. Stick to one pattern when posting a story as it will help you in gaining more customer engagement. People will click on your story to view or style.

Be creative, be unique, be personable, and you will have a great amount of success using Instagram stories!For getting Advanced, Artistic and Affordable web creative services get in touch with Citiyano De Solutions Pvt. Ltd., one of the leading graphic designing company.

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